Google Tech Talk

The Google video on Second Life was very educational and eye opening.  I have to admit that in class when I first heard Second Life being described I had some reservations about the whole thing. After watching the video I realized that this is much more than a game.

After watching the video, I was really excited to I get in-world and check out all of the hype, and experience it first hand.

I found the two speakers to be really compelling, accessible and extremely engaging. I was also surprised at how open they were in describing the Second Life world and the technologies behind it. I realize it’s and open source platform, but I found them to be very open to questions, ideas and critiques of Second Life. They were also very forward with the limitations and challenges that Second Life has. I was glad that they were not trying to sell the product it was a very educational discussion.


It’s amazing the issues and that the creators have considered with the Second Life world: zoning, property, ownership rights, creative rights, ethics, economies, currency and trade.

The concept that you as a member of Second Life have explicit rights of ownership to creative content produced in-world is amazing. Again, I had envisioned this as a world of people with too much time and no social skills, living out fantasies that they couldn’t realize in real life. I am sure some of that is true, but I was wrong to prejudge the second life that way. It is far more than that.

I am truly excited to see more of the Second Life world, and to see how Second Life evolves as a platform, business, and alternate universe.



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