Second Life and minors

Under age users

I am glad that the creators have taken the issue of under age users mingling with adults very seriously. This being said, I did spend almost all of my time interacting with two users, who were no older than 5 and 7. I am not a predator, but I did quickly think of how easy it would have been to interact inappropriately with these users.

While in-world I was having fun flying around and walking under water, so I didn’t think anything strange about talking to these kids. Later in the day, when I was discussing it with my wife and children, it really struck me. I would never let my kids join this with out being online with them the whole time.

In the Tech Talk the issue was addressed briefly, but it still seems to be client side dependable. If you say you are over 13 in your profile, know one knows the wiser. 

This is obliviously an enormous concern for Linden Labs, but are they taking the right precautions? Or leaving it up to what they describe as “Common Sense” of the users in-world. I am not sure…



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