The Google Reader

I chose to use the Google Reader as my RSS aggregator primarily because I had a Google profile set up and it was really easy to do. The reader has a simple interface and display posting nicely. I also, like how you can easily share the content with other via email etc…using the buttons below the content.


Fast Company

This is a business magazine that has been around for a few years. Editorially it deals with technology and business innovation, trends and marketing.

I am aggregating three feeds from Fast Company

Fast Company Now feed – current articles and issues posted daily

Fast Company Information Technology Feed

Fast Company Internet Business Feed

Future Lab Marketing and Innovation Blog

This is a relatively new blog to me, but from the few posts, I have read it deals with issues in marketing, strategy, innovation and design director at the user.

Advertising Lab

I am involved in designing advertising for both print and other mediums, and this blog deals with those issues: What is good copy? Advertising trends, Internet adverting, etc…

Official Linden Blog

I am new to the Second Life world, and I want to keep up on events and news in-world and the in real world that effect the in-world experience. 

Technology Evangelist

This is a new blog to me, but from browsing through it, I found it has some interesting tech articles, and several on blogging. Since I am new to bloggin I thought this would be a good resource.


I have aggregated all of the blogs related to my classes, and my own personal blogs.



2 thoughts on “The Google Reader

  1. I never realized you can do that with google reader. I really like the blogs you chose. The second life blog is my favorite. Why do you like it?

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