Virtual Woodshop

I was truly amazed at how easy it was to build a chair constructed from Prims in Second Life. I will say the design is in a Bauhaus minimalist style, constructed of three parts: the back a flattened cube, the seat a rotated and re-sized ramp form, and the base, the same as the seat. I chose not to ad arms.

Originally I had hoped to design a chair based on a flexible prim shape, but I couldn’t get the shape to stay still. It seemed to move like it was blowing in the breeze.

The interface was quite easy to use, and manipulation was much simpler than I assumed it would be.

Can’t wait to design more items.

Anyone interested in buying a chair?


Linen Chair

3 thoughts on “Virtual Woodshop

  1. I like the angles of your virtual seat. It actually makes an attractive piece of art. I’m not sure it would be comfortable to sit on, but it is pleasing to look at.

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