Iphone Unlocked…

Wired article on rogue resellers on Craig’s list and ebay.  I am not sure why you would buy an unlocked device just to move from AT&T to T-mobile.


Would You?



3 thoughts on “Iphone Unlocked…

  1. Thanks for putting this link up…I didn’t hear about this before..

    I would definitely not buy an unlocked iPhone. First off, I’m outside the iPhone craze. I know they’re just going to release better versions in the future so I’ll hold out. Also, I wouldn’t switch from Verizon just to use a regular, approved model of the iPhone. Furthermore, I’d be way too nervous that the phone would break, get messed up, not work correctly with another service, etc etc. It’s probably because I’m not familiar with the tech behind the hacking…but it still makes me paranoid.

  2. The joy of a hacked iPhone is that you don’t have to change networks. Calling plans allow for free calls to people on your network. Who wants to spend several hundred dollars on a phone AND pay for calls to your closest friends?

  3. Well it was only a matter of time before people were hacking into iPhones and considering they launched 6/29, three monthes is kind of a long time in the tech world.

    I do not think the phone is worth the $400 or worth the money unlock to another network. 2 Grand in the UK….does it really matter that much to switch from AT&T, who probably thought they had the market on lock…no pun intended.

    Save your money and imagine how we will be talking about the iPhone a year form now!

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