New Rules for Creators – Wired

“To summarize, the rules prohibit:

  • The creation of anything “pornographic or obscene … or otherwise objectionable.” The vagueness of this rule upset many creators.
  • The use of soundtracks or audio effects from original games. Microsoft said it often licenses music and sound effects and is unable to pass on usage rights.
  • The sale of any works that use Microsoft intellectual property. The company said it’s OK to sell ads on sites that host machinima, but that’s it.
  • The reverse-engineering of Microsoft games.
  • The creation of anything that adds to a game “universe” by expanding upon its story. Because of its ambiguity, this rule was among the most contentious. Don McGowan, the Microsoft attorney who wrote the guidelines, blogged that the rule was designed to keep people from creating a machinima work that, coincidentally, was remarkably similar to, say, the plot of Halo 3 — and then suing Microsoft for stealing the story.”

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