Bondcast – Lazenby… George Lazenby

Here is a link to a podcast created for the Mobile Media class.

I am a big fan of James Bond, and have been for all of my life. Once when I was an early teen the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor had a James Bond Marathon. They showed, over two days, every single Bond movie in the order that they came out. It was so cool. My brother and I spent two days in the front row of the balcony and watched them all.  I don’t think they ever did that again.

So that solidified my indoctrination into the world of James Bond. Now I collect the movie posters, first editions of the books, etc… I am a geek, I know. But hey it’s better than Star Trek.

Here is a link to the first installment into what will become a whole series of Bondcasts.



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