BondCast: Shaken, not stirred

The Bondcast will be a series of audio-based pod casts that cover all topics dealing with James Bond; books, movies, trivia, video games, comics, humor, girls, fashion, culture, etc… The original episode 1 was a short program with only me as the host. I have contacted another move buff, Bond fan friend that has agreed to join me as my co-host for the series. I feel the program will be much more enjoyable for the listener if we can present dialogue and conversation, rather than just me offering my opinions. We will produce 3-5, episodes, running approximately 12-15 minutes each.

The Bondcast is catered to fans of the Bond movies, and spy genre. However, it is also for the novice who may know about the James Bond movies, but may have very little knowledge about the history of Bond, the author Ian Fleming, and other topics. It is meant to fun, and funny. We will spoof the movies as well as talk seriously about the films, there affects society, and how society influences them.

The James Bond franchise is the longest running, and most successful movie series in film history. Part of the franchise success can be attributed to the story lines and the ability of the writers to not only keep up with the times and trends of the day, but even define some of them. The movies have always been on the bleeding edge of technology, presenting viewers with the latest in gadgets and weaponry, as well as the leading edge of fashion.

In this same vein, we wish to bring Bond into the now and the blogaspere. We want to make sure that potential Bond fans of all ages and inclinations can get a new take on the films, and books and become life long Bond fans so the franchise continues into the future.



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