Amazon Going After Itunes via Bloggers

“Amazon (AMZN) today is pulling out the small guns as it positions its new MP3 download store to grab market share from Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes. And Amazon has a lot of small guns.

In this case, “The small guns” refers to the Associates Program, one of the retailer’s lesser-known online marketing vehicles. Through Amazon Associates, bloggers and other online publishers can showcase Amazon products in an advertising window on their sites. In return, they earn a cut of the sale – usually 10 percent.

To give a boost to its MP3 store, though, Amazon today sent an e-mail to Associates members that sweetens the deal: Through the end of the year, Amazon will give a 20 percent cut to members who get people to download songs from the Amazon store… “More

2 thoughts on “Amazon Going After Itunes via Bloggers

  1. I heard about this from one of my other classes. I find it interesting that this is happening so late in the game. Amazon has been cheaper on songs since I have started downloading songs. What do you think is that true?

  2. I’d hardly call the Amazon Associates program small guns at this point, they have over 2 million affiliates using more then blogs, but I do agree, that Amazon is using it’s vast network of associates to help bring in the sales.

    Digital media is big for Amazon right now, I predict that it could be larger then it’s book business within a few years.

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