“Books are the last bastion of analog…” Jeff Bezos

The Kindle has been released for the Holiday shopping season and from the press coverage so far, it looks like it’ll be a hit. But will it be a one-hit wonder?

I haven’t tried, held or actually seen one yet, other than pictures, but it looks a little odd: white and angular… it reminds me of a label maker. Remember those. You needed one so you could label stuff. I always hate when I grab my “TEA CUP” instead of my “COFFEE CUP.” Luckily I have a label maker, of course I ran out of labels and now it just sits int he junk drawer with power adapters, a jar opener, some Krazy Glue that has been petrified for many years now, and lot’s of assorted batteries, most of which I am sure are dead. Is this the future of the Kindle, to go to the junk drawer, the Walkman graveyard?

It’s fairly expensive at $399.00, but it does hold a lot of stuff: books, blogs, newspapers, access to Wikipedia… wireless broadband connection to allow it to actively download. It’s beginning to sound like my laptop.

Too Much Stuff 

I have a pulled muscle in my back, and I think it is because I carry way too much stuff on my person. I have a Dell laptop with mouse, power converter, broadband card and flash drive. I have an Ipod, and several CD’s and DVD’s just in case I am sick of listening to what is on the ipod, or want to watch a movie. I also have a Treo, so I can get phone calls, check email and browse the web, if I don’t want to break out the laptop. And, finally I usually have a writing book, for thoughts doodles, and ideas or a yellow legal pad. Sometimes I carry a book as well.

I think that if I dropped the $399.00 for the Kindle I would have to carry it out of guilt, and have to download books, or what would be the point, and that would just be one more think I “Need” to carry around. Not that it’s heavy, they say it’s 10 ounces, but still my brief case or carrying bag is bursting as it is. I tried one of those roller bags, with handle, basically luggage, and looked like a total dork who should be at the airport, but isn’t.

I think I’ll stick with the paper back. If I drop it it doesn’t break, if I leave it somewhere, well good for the finder, I hope they enjoy the book, and it never runs out of batteries. I would bet that  Santa drops a whole bunch of Kindles down the chimneys this year, but I have a feeling that next year you’ll be pushing the Kindle aside in the junk drawer looking for some batteries that aren’t dead.



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