Virtual Admissions Office in Second Life

My initial thoughts on a group project that involved building in Second Life were not good. I expected it to be a group and technology nightmare, but I was wrong. Our group worked well together and we surpassed our goals.

Since the concept was Colleen’s she was the default group leader, and she was a great leader. She was open to suggestions, was a strong project manager and cracked the whip when needed. We primarily divided the group based on skill sets: Colleen lead, as she had the most  intimate knowledge of Cheshire Acadmey; Andy focused on scripting and building as he has a background in 3D environments and development of the FAQ sheets; Judy worked with me primarily on layout and design for the content displayed and presented; Doug was our video expert and focused on filming the video presented and editing.  Doug also worked with me on the Machinima video that will be presented on the Cheshire Academy website, that will lead potential users to the Second Life Admissions office, and give information on Second Life to those who don’t know what it is.The group worked well together with little disagreement or infighting. We all offered our input, and we were all respectful of each other’s opinions.

Colleen also scored a major hit when through her contacts was able to acquire for no cost, a building and land for our use. This project would have been much more difficult, had we been forced to construct a building, as none of us had any real experience building serious structures in world. Overall, I think the project was a success and I am prouod of our group and our project.

I don’t know if I will spend much more time in Second Life, after our class has ended, but I feel this was an interesting project.



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