Power of the Podcast

I can honestly say that before I took the Mobile Media development class I had hardly listened to, and never produced a pod cast. Now, I am an avid Pod Cast consumer and developer. I am creating a weekly Pod Cast for fun, and will continue to do so after this class has ended, and I have pushed several of my clients into the world of Pod Casting.

One client is a non-profit business counseling organization that is looking to reach out more effectively to their clients and to the community. I am moving them in the Web 2.0 direction, of interactivity and enhanced user experience by starting with Pod Casts. An organization such as this has a vast amount of untapped resources at their disposal in the form of information and experience.

The organization is made up of retired and active executives that volunteer their services to small business owners band entrepreneurs with new business start ups or dreams about a successful business. Offering information via Pod Casts can add value to the website, allow users to access information that normally they would have to attend a meeting to acquire 24/7. The Pod Cast opens up opportunities to engage users on thier time, which is ideal for the small business owner.

Seminars will be delivered via video and audio, and will be presented free of charge to interested consumers. Business leaders from around the state can offer their insight and expertise via articles that can be produced as pod casts, as well as posted as opt-in material.

By shifting the mind set from a Web 1.0 perspective to a Web 2.0 idea of engagement and interaction this non-profit will be ramping up their service and contribution to the business community for minimum coast, and maximum impact.

Once, we have launched, I’ll post links to the pod-casts.



3 thoughts on “Power of the Podcast

  1. Tom,

    I agree with you I think podcast and wedcasts are great ways to hold meetings for those who work in different offices or are really busy.

    I tried keeping up with a hockey podcast in order to take it on the go with me in the car…but I found sometimes I didn’t download it correctly or it was tough to keep up with…so I am trying to get into podcasts, but having trouble, any recommendations?

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