Where is the “Change”?

Where is the change that the Obama and the Democratic Party keep talking about? As far as I can tell it is business as usual at the DNC. The recent activity is Ohio is so fraudulent and despicable it harkens back to the Kennedy election and the tactics used to elect JFK. Obama hasn’t come far from the methods that made the Democratic Party a power house in his home city of Chicago. Mayor Daley would be proud…

What I cannot understand is that organizations such as Acorn and MoveOn dot Org support these methods, along with thousands of their supporters. It is remarkable how quickly Democratic voters will sell out themselves, engage in questionable if not illegal activities, all because they hate George W. Bush. Here is a bit of news for all the homeless shelter picking voter chicken hawks… George W. Bush isn’t running.

For years I wondered how the Democrats of this country could support the Clinton’s, with all of their scandals, skeletons, and the “dead bodies” left in their wake, but the Obama following has even topped that. The children singing in an orchestrated, produced, video made to look home grown and spontaneous was down right freaky. I couldn’t help think that there was a firing squad off camera waiting for one child to stop singing, or an adult to not cheer in support. It was like some bad party propaganda video from North Korea.

The State of Ohio and the Democratic Secretary of State take the cake. Changing the rules of voter registration, by mandate, without voter consensus or say so as to allow rampant fraud is disgraceful. For years, after the Al “Internet” Gore was forced to realize the “Inconvenient Truth” about the Electoral College system, the Democratic and left-wingers of this country moaned and groaned and decided that the next Dem would get in “by any means necessary.” Ohio illustrates that they are putting this philosophy into practice.

I am not so naïve that I am just realizing that the Washington D.C. machine, which includes both parties, runs on the fuel of power, of which there seems to be no supply shortage or crisis. But this election, the recent ‘bail out and cover our butts’ legislation that the houses of Congress have been chewing on for the last couple weeks, and the President who is eagerly waiting to sign the bill so he has something other than war in his legacy, has made it crystal clear that America, its people, and its principles come second.



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