When will the honeymoon end?

Over the last two years we have watched, read and listened as the television and print media have promoted, campaigned, ignored, made excuses for, and allowed themselves to be swept off their feet by Barack Hussein Obama.

The media worked hard to push his message, to build his brand, though I am still not quite sure what that message is or what the brand really represents, it certainly moved enough people to win an election, and to write a page in history. We now have the first African-American President elect. The term African American may not just be a politically correct term here, since there are still several lawsuits pending that ask for proof of President Elect Obama’s birth certificate and medical records to prove he was born in or on United states soil, as is required by anyone elected to the office of the President. It has still not been made clear to me, why the issue isn’t simply put to rest by the Obama team through the production of an authentic birth certificate? So far the only person on the record is an aunt of Obama’s that said she was present at his birth in Kenya. Funny we haven’t heard from her again. But hey, let’s put the Constitution aside, after all it was written so long ago and times they are “a-changin”.

I wasn’t surprised when the mainstream media took Obama under its protective editorial wing, and ignored the likes of Bill Ayers, Tony Resko, and Reverend Wright. But how can they ignore the “BlagoGate”?

The selling of a senate seat by the sitting Governor of Illinois is just the latest incident in a long history of Chicago Democratic Party politics. Historically all of the corruption of the Lincoln State has sprung from the font of politically polluted waters and insider back room deals that is Chicago. The Daley name is as infamous and the fictional Corleone family name. And who has been at the helm of the ship that sits on the shores of lake Michigan for the last twenty years?

It was the Richard Joseph Daley who put John F. Kennedy in the White House in 1960, and it is Richard M. Daley that is in charge when the unknown Obama is catapulted from local activist, to senator, to President in less than a decade. The Chicago machine, once thought to be rusty and out dated, has taken a licking but keeps on ticking.

Remember “Trooper-Gate”? Remember “The Plame Affair”? Remember the coverage that the news media gave to these scandals. Governor Palin was exonerated and Scooter Libby was charged with charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, and making false statements to federal investigators. As it turned out it was actually Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who was the primary source for Robert Novaks column. It has also been established the Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage had told Bob Woodward of Ms. Plame three weeks before he mentioned it to Bob Novak. The media coverage of these scandals was fierce and non-stop. So where is the journalistic passion and drive for “BlagoGate”?

The media is doing their best to paint Obama as an innocent bystander who had very little to do with the Governor of the State that he was a senator for. They are painting the Governor as some sort of lunatic, insane, irrational guy with really bad hair. This all may be true, however he is a product of the same political system that brought us Obama. How much of a stretch is it to assume that meteoric rise of Obama to the office of the president is “fruit from the poison tree?”

He ran on a position of change. He promised to get Washington insiders out of Washington. He promised to put a new face on the office of President; a face that doesn’t look like the faces on our currency. The wave of change swept up the young voter, the minority voter and Obama won. He beat John McCain on the one issue that democrats never beat Republicans… lowering taxes. He plucked a number out of thin air, 95% and promised tax relief, despite changing the actual income levels a few times. He told the people what they wanted to hear, and they drank it in deep.

Obama has done his best to move as far away from Blagojevich, even stating that despite reports from his own staff David Axelrod) to the contrary he has never talked to the Governor about his senate seat. A few sources are even stating that this distancing began early on in Obama’s career.

I feel as though I am having déjà vu all over again… Bill Clinton getting a little “something, something” in the oval office and then blatantly lying about it to the country. The news media catching their beloved President in a scandal, but brushing it off because after all it was only sex. Well that depends on what your definition of sex is, and what the definition of “is” is… does that make sense? I think it did when Bill Clinton said it.

How dumb are we, the American people?

I don’t care whom you voted for. No one in his or her right mind can tell me that Obama is clean here. You play in the water you are going to get wet. And, despite what many of the devoted Obama congregation feel, he can’t walk on water. So far his idea of change is to pack his staff with Democrat insiders like Hillary Clinton and Tom Daschell. He has moved away from the message of the bright future he promised us all, and told us that it’s going to be tough for a awhile. I have had numbers of Obama supporters give me excuses for his failures and he hasn’t even taken the office yet.

It is really pitiful.



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