In China you just used the nearest well.

Sweden rules ‘gender-based’ abortion legal

abortions can not be refused and that it is not possible to deny a woman an abortion up to the 18th week of pregnancy, even if the foetus’s gender is the basis for the request…

Where have we gone as a society? I recall the horror stories of young girls tossed down wells in China, when a male child was in-utero and the state limited the size of families. Boys were more valuable to the farm, to work the fields, to support the family. Today it is not so much about helping to tow the line, its about wanting a matched set, or a mixed set.

“Yah… Ve vant a boy name Björn vith blond hair, blue eyes unt a small dimple in his chin, unt a little girl named Ingegard, who vill be blessed with curly strawberry blond hair, a button nose and precious twinkling green eyes.” (Best read outloud with a faux Swedish accent.)

There is an interesting ironic dichotomy in the current state of human society. We are obsessed with being “Green” and conservation, yet we are the ultimate throw away society. We go through phones every year just because, we go through cars every 4 years just because, we drink bottled water to be healthy and create mountain size landfills to deal with the millions of little plastic bottles, Oprah and Al Gore are green, but they both love their private jets and mansions on the hill, and now we are throwing away an unborn child because he or she is the wrong gender.

We have become the convenience culture. It drives our every whim. When was the last time anyone got off the couch to change the channel, or cooked something that took more than 3 minutes on high in the microwave?

Where do the Feminists stand on this? Talk about irony… Will the feminist come out in in support of a woman’s right to choose if the woman is choosing to end the life of the child simply because it is female? Maybe they will only support the right to kill male children…

If you are not outraged, you have issues.


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