Why are we surprised?


President Barrack Hussein Obama plays the race card the first chance he gets. Instead of waiting to know all of the facts about the Cambridge MA, police department and the arrest of his personal friend, black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., Obama decides to besmirch the police department by calling them “stupid” on national television during his sales pitch for “Obamacare” – the nationalized healthcare program that Obama and the Democratic party are trying to cram down the throats of America.

Instead of standing up as the one and only black President of the United States of America, standing up as an example of the progress made in this country for equal rights for all members of society regardless of color, nationality or gender, he chooses to strike a match to ignite the fires of racism. From all of the news reports available the only racists in the story are Dr. Gates and President Obama.

Both are guilty of pre-judging Officer Sgt. James Crowley, as a white racist, police officer bent on profiling black citizens because of the color of their skin. Officer Crowley a veteran police officer and an expert on racial profiling, and expert who teaches courses to fellow officers on racial profiling, was merely doing his job. He was simply risking his life, responding to a burglary report to the house of Dr. Gates. Instead of thanking the officer Dr. Gates chose to act like an indignant, snob, and a racist.

I am not really surprised at the race card being played. It is the typical response. The Civil Rights movement and its leaders cannot let the issue of civil rights disappear. They need the volatile fires of racism to burn brightly so they can justify their own existence. It is truly sad.

Perhaps Obama is not a racist; perhaps he is just an amateur, allowing his own personal feelings to get the best of him. But it cannot just be him… the reporter in the crowd was planted and fed the question about Dr. Gates. The entire thing was orchestrated, but not very well thought out.

Since the incident he has backtracked on his statement, thrown his buddy under the bus, and still played the race card. But he never apologized to Officer Crowley or the Cambridge, MA, police department.

He is so full of Sh*t.



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