I like him cause he so smart, and good lookin

Sarah Palin has just sold over 700, 000 copies of her new memoir “Going Rogue,” and in spite of an editorial staff that detests her and has gone out of their way to disparage Gov. Palin, she will make the New York Times bestseller list. That has got to hurt, but they will never admit it.

The liberal elites and left-wingers will chalk it up to the stupid citizens in the fly-over states that believe in the Bible, and in raising their children. You know, the irrelevant, uneducated masses… you, me, your neighbor, your in-laws… most of us.

Most of us in this group are too dumb to appreciate how smart Obama and the Democratic Party are. This fact is bolstered by the fact that we fail to see how stupid Sarah Palin is, and how backwards the Republican Party is. Most of us couldn’t come to terms with how abjectly dumb President George W. Bush was… and most of us failed to appreciate the brilliance of Bill Clinton. We are so dumb, that most of us had the audacity to think we knew what the definition of “is” is… or was… or…I guess I am proving my own point.

I have talked many friends, who were avid Obama supporters. They were down with the sickness from the get go. They were all about making history; putting a black man in the white house; hoping for change all the way to the polling place. When I would question these Obama supporters about why they are voting for this untested and inexperienced politician from Chicago, most answered because he is smart, he speaks well, and has great presence. So, I guess just about any talk show host or actor could hold this office… imagine Brad and Angelina as the first couple.

When I would ask how they knew he was so smart, almost all would say because he went to Harvard, and because they have heard from the news media how smart he was. Of course, being an idiot, I would ask; “Do you think George W. Bush is smart? Because he went to Yale, and to Harvard.” After they were done laughing at my inquiry they would offer up the typical “I hate GWB” talking points: He only went to Harvard and Yale because of his father; He is an idiot that can’t speak; Dick Cheney tells him what to do; he started the war just to make his father happy, blah, blah, blah…

This may seem like old conversation from a few months ago; during the election, but reading the headlines today brought me to a realization about the left, and the Democratic Party. They do not care about anything other than themselves.

Limousine liberal pseudo-intellectuals and intellectuals are happy knowing that by voting for Obama they have been invited to the Democratic cocktail party. They aren’t racist because Obama is black, they aren’t sexist because they are pro-abortion, they are not extremists because they don’t go to Church, and they are green and support the fight on global warming because they drive a hybrid. Obama makes them feel good. Their jobs are secure, some are even guaranteed, their health insurance is good, there is always food on the table, and the kids go to private schools. They are on the guest list, and that makes them feel good.

Of course like all great parties, the evening ends, and you either wake up feeling good; because before you went to bed, you brushed your teeth, took an Advil and drank several glasses of water to counter balance the 14 beers, 5 shots of JD and 4 bong hits you did, or you wake up nude, face down in a puddle of your own sick, with a cigarette on the back of your tongue and stranger sleeping next to you, wearing rubber gloves and a gas-mask.

How will this party end? It ain’t gonna be pretty, and it ain’t gonna feel good.

No the left will wake up and realize that it was a hit an run, a whirlwind drunken romp with the guy that turned out to be the dorm janitor and not the star receiver for the football team; like he said he was.

Hopefully, these victims of the Obama one-night stand will open their eyes as they make that walk of shame and see that maybe it isn’t just about feeling good. Maybe substance, character and integrity are more than a sound bite. Maybe when you think of the office of the President of the United States you don’t want the terms Socialist to come to mind, you don’t want the definition of sex and oral sex to come to mind, you don’t want decisions being made based on popularity ratings and polls. Maybe we should want something more.

I am not defending Sarah Palin, or claiming she is the perfect candidate for President, however I am asking the question shouldn’t we give her a chance to show us who she is? I don’t buy that she is dumb, at least no dumber than the majority of people that hold seats in Congress.

Perhaps there should be a litmus test for those who can run for public office. We will compare potential candidates to Chris “ I need a loan” Dodd, the late Ted “I need a Scotch” Kennedy, and Barney “I need a man” Frank, if they score higher than those three they are eligible. Of course, that would include just about everyone in the country… I guess it’s not such a good idea, but hell never stopped Congress from doing anything else just look at the bail-outs, health-care reform and the great American swindle known as cap-and-trade.

When will the left see the light? I am not sure, but they cannot hide their heads in the sand for too long. Chris “I got thrill up my leg” Matthews recently described Obama as making “Carteresque” mistakes. I wonder if the thrill is gone? Saturday Night Live is finally coming through with some real satirical criticism of Obama, but I am certain that there is more Palin bashing around the corner.

The truth will be told in the upcoming election where, hopefully the balance of power will shift to the right, and the Republicans will truly run things from a platform of fiscal conservatism, and use the opportunity to show America that the United States is a country of the people, by the people, and not a Socialist nation with a ruling political Oligarchy.



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