Green is the New Hypocrisy

The rich and famous have always been used to trumpet the way for causes, given platforms to speak, because the dumb masses think that a pretty face, and tight body are the same as intelligence and worth. Not all celebrities are bad; look at Paul Newman and his Hole in the Wall Charity. He raised money through various efforts including his grocery products and used the proceeds to run the charity. Look at Danny Thomas and St. Jude Medical, or don Imus and his Ranch for Kids with Cancer.

These people are examples of those who walk the talk the talk, and walk the walk. Maybe the green movement needs more people like this and fewer Al Gores, or John Travoltas.
The Green Movement, which Champions a cause which at best is questionable, and at worst a complete hoax, is lead by typical limousine liberals whose mantra is “Do what I say, and not as I do.” They are happy to put a carbon foot print on the ass of anyone who drives and SUV, but don’t question the size of their footprints. Al Gore has a Carbon Footprint that make Bob Lanier’s footprint look small.

A recent article chronicled some of the ways that the leaders and loudmouths of the Green Movement are leading by example: “Sheryl Crow, who was leading a Stop Global Warming concert tour across America. It was revealed that while Crow traveled in a bio-diesel tour bus, her 30-person entourage followed in a fleet of 13 gas-guzzling vehicles.”

“John Travolta encouraged British public to do its bit to fight global warming — after flying into London on one of his five private jets (one of which is a Boeing 707). In 2006 his piloting hobby produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions, more than a hundred times the output of the average Briton, according to the Carbon Trust.”

“Tom Cruise who has campaigned for the LA-based environmental group Earth Communications Office — also has an air fleet and a license to pilot his five planes, including a top-of-the-line customized Gulfstream jet he bought for his wife, Katie Holmes.”

“Harrison Ford, who is vice-chairman on the board of Conservation International, voices public-service messages for an environmental federation called EarthShare is another hobby pilot. He once owned a Gulfstream but now makes do with a smaller Cessna Citation Sovereign eight-seater jet, four propeller planes and a helicopter.”

“Oprah Winfrey, who preaches eco-virtue from her TV pulpit, traveled in a 13-seat Gulfstream IV private jet for years…”

“Jennifer Aniston told reporters that to save the Earth’s precious water resources she brushes her teeth while in the shower. But she also flew a hairdresser to Europe to accompany her on a recent publicity tour for the film Marley & Me.”

“Dame Trudie Styler, wife of Sting. Not only do she and her husband run seven homes and travel between them in private jets and a fleet of cars, but in 2007 an employment tribunal revealed Styler was furious when her pregnant chef refused to travel 100 miles to prepare some soup and salad.” Dame Styler was quoted; “Yes, I do take planes. My life is to travel and to speak out about the horrors of an environment that is being abused at the hands of oil companies.”

It is estimated that Bono and his Uber-Eco friendly super group U2 on their last tour produced the carbon equivalent of the annual emissions of 6,500 British homes — or a rocket trip to Mars and back.”

These are only a few examples of the hypocrisy of the super elite left eco mob that is running and championing the largest scam ever perpetrated on earth. It is astonishing that with questionable evidence, hypocrite spokes people, and the recent scandal of emails showing collusion between the so-called scientists behind the theories that this movement is still thriving. The Obama White House and Congress have even chosen to ignore the fact that there are no facts.

The truth behind Global Warming and Climate change is green… its dollars. It is as simple as that. Al Gore’s family made millions off of oil and now he is cashing in against it. He has been awarded the Nobel Prize, and even won an Oscar. Of course the Noble Prize seems to be given out to just about anyone these days, and he should have won for best picture not documentary, as there is more fact in the new movie 2012 than in that waste of time he produced.

Cap-and-Trade is not about cleaning the environment or reducing green house gasses, it’s just about making it more expensive to create them. Taxing oil companies, manufacturers and even farmers. Yes it has been discovered that the methane release from farting cows is an enormous contributor to the warming of the globe. I wonder if Al Gore and his carbon off-set company have patented the BMAG yet? That would be the Bovine Methane Ass Gage… used to measure the flatulence of Bessie as she quietly chews her cud. With GPS and satellite technology every bovine blast can be measured, taxed accordingly, and debited directly from the bank account of Mrs. O’Leary. This will not reduce the amount of green-ass gas that is emitted, but it will make Al Gore rich, make the farmer go out of business, and make the cost of milk and steak go up, as all the costs will be passed on to us, the consumer. Thanks Al.

We are a carbon-based world, and carbon dioxide is emitted every time we breathe. Plants, trees, and all vegetation use carbon dioxide to create oxygen for us to breathe. It is a circle… We, much like the dinosaurs of pre-historic periods, or like the mammals of the ice age, are mere blips on the continuum of the earth’s existence. The earth has been here for more time tan we can fathom, and it will be here far beyond our wildest concepts of time.

At best we are temporary habitants of an ever-changing environment, that doesn’t bend to our perceived dominance over it. Hurricanes happen, tornadoes happen, earthquakes happen, tidal waves happen. We do not cause them, and we cannot stop them. You can believe in God, Allah, Yahweh, the King of Ethiopia, Jesus Christ, the Dali Lama, Buddha, Obi Wan Kenobi, it doesn’t matter. You will die and the earth will go on as it always has.

This being said I still think it is a good idea to look into alternative fuels, and sources of energy. But we should not have them crammed down our throats by the Government. Just like the auto industry and the carbon-based fuel industry, alternative sources of energy will have their day. When the market is their, private industry will seize the moment and capitalize. It is as simple as that. When there is a viable market for an item or service, that has come about be real demand, innovation or opportunity than the private sector makes the investment, builds up the industry and creates jobs and opportunity.

I do not care who the president is, or how good his intentions are, no government can create this. It has to come about organically; it has to evolve, much like we do. Evolution takes time. More time than any of us have on this planet. We need to look to the future, but we cannot forsake the present.

Change will come, it always does. It just takes time.



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