Dig Our Way Out of The Hole

Though I have a BBA in Economics, I am certainly no economist, but I do understand simple economic processes and theories. I am baffled by the latest dictum to come from the chosen one Obama, on economic recovery: “We must spend our way to recovery!” As I said I am no great Noble prize winning Economist, although with the way they seem to give those things out to anyone regardless of accomplishment, maybe I am.

Anyway, back to my point. “President Barrack Obama outlined new multibillion-dollar stimulus and jobs proposals Tuesday, saying the nation must continue to “spend our way out of this recession” until more Americans are back at work. What is he smoking, and inhaling? I think he has an FDR complex… How much do you want to bet that he’ll twist his ankle on the golf course, where he spend more time than Tiger Woods, who lately seems to be spending his time banging out hole-in-ones of a another sort, and show up in a wheel chair, and smoking from long cigarette holder.

So far the President has done nothing but blame the previous administration, increase the deficit more than any President in history, and weaken the dollar like the currency of some banana republic. His job stimulus has failed miserably creating at best temporary jobs for people that are over qualified to work them. Accountants and scientists greeting consumers at Wal-Mart. “Hello, and welcome to Wal-Mart, I am Doctor Jones… would you like a carriage…”

Mr. Obama is calling for more government spending on infrastructure projects… highways and bridges. I am sure that the unionized “construction” companies in Chicago are lining up to get their fare share of “No-show” and “No-Work” jobs. We can call this the Tony Soprano Infrastructure Stimulus Act of 2010. He is also calling for tax breaks for those who spend outrageous amounts of money on retro-fitting their homes to be more efficient… They are calling this “Cash for caulkers.” I wonder if this program will work as well and the Cash for Clunkers program did. A program that temporarily boosted sales of cars, all on the dime of the taxpayer; you got a rebate, and they let you pay for it… Now I know why the Obama White House thinks we are all stupid… because “stupid is as stupid does.”

But I think I have figured it out. How does one dig oneself out of a hole? It is simple. You keep digging until you reach China, and then voila you are free. Well not really, you are in communist China, where you have very little freedom, and live under dictatorial rule by a government that care little about the individual and stifles its society and people.

And I think that is it. Obama is literally digging his way to China. He has always been a socialist, and his policies of government control of business, health care, education, and the financial sector could be described as communist and even fascist.

When he ran some called him the Manchurian Candidate, perhaps they were right. He really has visions of becoming ObaMao.



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