Healthcare Reform: “I’ll make em and offer they can’t refuse…”

President Obama, will threaten the country tonight while speaking to Charles Gibson, veiled in the guise of a warning: the federal government “will go bankrupt” if we do not institute His health-care reforms. To many of the ignorant masses, those that are still hoping for change while in line at the unemployment office, this will sound like a sage warning from their illustrious and infallible leader. But to many of us who actually use our heads, this will be seen as exactly what it is… a threat.

This is a play right out of the Chicago organized crime handbook. “You’ze gives us $500.00 per week, and we will guarantee that your business won’t burn to the ground. If you’ze doesn’t, well I ain’t saying we’ll burn it, but you better make sure your fire insurance is up to date. Capice?”

Mr. Obama is threatening to continue his reckless and out of control spending, which will single handedly bankrupt Washington and the country, if we do not cow tow and give in to the passing of his so called health care reform. This “reform” has been proven by the CBO and many others to be ineffective, unrealistic, and so expensive that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying for it.

Mr. Obama is already pushing the national debt beyond all historical limits and limits approved by Congress last February as part of the Recovery Act stimulus bill.: The ceiling was set at $12.104 trillion dollars. The latest posting by Treasury shows the National Debt at nearly $12.135 trillion.”

But don’t worry; Nancy “Botox” Pelosi is on the case. She is predicting that “job creation and deficit reduction will be the central Democratic themes for the coming year – and that public support for health care reform will rebound once a bill has been sent to President Barack Obama.” What a joke; job creation and deficit reduction, by increasing taxes, killing incentives for small and large businesses, and increasing the size of the Federal government. Where does it stop? Are we all going to work for the federal government?

This Congress and this Administration are the worst, most anti-American and anti-capitalism group of fools that have ever been assembled. Shame on us, for electing these empty suits, who lie to us everyday, and we simply line back up and go for more. They have cooked a shit sandwich, told us it’s a corn beef on rye and despite the smell and the taste we are opening up wide and biting down hard. I guess we are getting what we deserve…

But when will it be enough? How many shit sandwiches can we stomach before we demand to see the manager? The time has come to stop these so-called representatives from cramming legislation down our gullets for the sake of their legacy. They don’t care about you or me… they only care about the “history” they are making. Doesn’t it bother you that members of Congress and the President feel entitled dictate your healthcare choices for you, to force you into a system that is good enough for you, while exempting themselves from the very system they are proposing.

It is time for these hypocritical, lying, crooks, to leave office; starting at the top. Does the term taxation without representation ring a bell? Our money is being spent on the agendas of these morons; universal healthcare, Cap and trade, financial bailouts, the nationalization of industries. There was once a revolution that started for many of the same reasons. Taxes were levied on citizens on the other side of an ocean to pay for debts and foreign wars. They had no voice because their cries fell on the deaf ears of a monarch and a fiercely loyal parliament. It was not until their final declaration that their collective voice was heard, and changed the face of economics, and power in the world.

It is time for the people to make their declaration heard once again.



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