Voices from the irrelevant left…

Blow hard gin soaked Senator Dodd, Dem-CT in an attempt to remain relevant, even though he has taken himself out of the next race for Senate, due to an impending landslide loss of Biblical proportions, is adding his two cents to the race for recently pickled Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, Teddy “waitress sandwich” Kennedy.

“Ted was my best friend in the Senate, and best friends always fight for each other,” Dodd wrote in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee letter.

“So when I saw that Martha was being attacked by tea partyers and right-wing radicals – they raised over $1 million in one day – I knew I needed to do everything I could to help.”

Most polls show the Brown-Coakley race as a dead heat. Thus the strong words from Dodd, who is retiring this year to avoid an election battle of his own.

“Healthcare was the cause of my friend Ted Kennedy’s life,” Dodd wrote. “So it sickens me that the Republican running to take Ted’s place is vowing to be the 41st vote to kill healthcare reform.”.

“This seat represents more than Ted’s progressive legacy,” Dodd wrote.

“This seat is the tipping point between a Senate that can pass President Obama’s agenda and one frozen into inaction by Republican obstruction. Scott Brown is the face of that obstruction, and that’s why we must help Martha.”


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