Israel has no place in the Obamanation

There is a really irony here in the way that Barrack Hussein Obama treated, and disrespected Israeli President Binyamin Netanyahu. Without the Jewish vote and support, both directly and indirectly Mr. Obama would not be President today.
So the week marking the start of Passover, Obama literally passed over the Israeli president, refusing to take a photograph with him and then electing to have dinner in private and let Mr. Netanyahu fend for himself.
Mr. Obama showed complete disregard and abject disrespect to the president of the sole Democracy in the Middle East, the one country in the region that we call an ally. It really makes you wonder where the President’s alliances lie. Perhaps the ties to his Muslim patronage are stronger than he ever let on?
Jewish Americans, over this upcoming Passover week take time to look at the actions and attitude of Mr. Obama toward the State of Israeli… perhaps your allegiances should lie elsewhere.

Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama ‘dumped him for dinner’


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