House Money

I remember during summer break from college I worked at the Food and Drug, which sold groceries, had a pharmacy, and also sold liquor. I remember one day, a young Sid and Nancy looking couple were doing their shopping, with their child in a stroller, safety pins in their noses and dark circles under their eyes they rolled up to the check out. As I rang up their groceries, they produced food stamps to pay for them, and the father, Sid, I don’t know if he was the husband, asked for a handle of vodka and a pack of smokes. I told him that you couldn’t use food stamps for liquor, and he said he knew that he would be using cash.

I rang the young couple out for their groceries, and then rang them up for the booze. The couple stuck in my head for a long while, and the more I thought about them the more it bothered me. Here were two people in their twenties, both fully employable, they had some fashion issues, but for the most part seemed capable of working. They had a child to care for, and here they were using food stamps to get the essential things they needed, but using their money to purchase booze and cigarettes.

I hadn’t thought of this for many years, but it quickly came to mind when I read the LA Times article about individuals in California, who were using their government issued welfare ATM cards at local casinos for gambling. This is truly appalling. It is far worse than using your cash reserves for booze and smokes, when you rely on the state to provide you with sustenance. This is abject thievery.

,br>But, I am sad to say it is not surprising. It has been proven over time that if you simply give something of value to someone, its value is decreased in the eyes of the recipient. In this case, these lampreys of the state were literally playing with house money… state house money. This is so typical of the social service systems that are set up with the best intentions. Programs set up with liberal blinders on, blinders that cover up the fact that people who want things for free are usually the type of people feel entitled to take what they want. They feel that society, for some reason owes them something, and unlike the majority of the people in this country they are not willing to work for it, or contribute to it.

But can we really blame them?

The great society has turned into the great soup line. Personal responsibility and risk management has been replaced by bail-outs, uncontrolled government spending, and a US Mint that hasn’t stopped the presses once, since Obama took office. Our government takes every opportunity to point the finger at business and the private sector, ignoring the fact that is by the very dollars of the private sector that the gravy train of Washington D.C runs on.

Look to Europe to see where we are headed: the EU is teetering on the brink of collapse, Greece and Portugal are literally bankrupt, and France and Germany are on the cusp of financial disaster. We need to stop the financial bleeding that is weakening this country. We are become anemic on the global stage. Obama has not brought up the status in the United States from where so many claimed President Bush had brought it. Obama has simply lowered our standards and done his best to socialize our country so we look more European.

The thievery that is taking place in California is one small example of how social programs that require nothing of the recipients do not work. It is time to bring back capitalism. Bring back personal responsibility. Bring back accountability. And get rid of the fools running the house; Obama and the Democrats in congress.


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