MTV… Whatever happened to the music?

Viacom is hosting an hour long, commercial free program across MTV, BET, and CMT networks for President Obama three weeks before the mid-term elections which are almost guaranteed to decimate the Democratic power lock in Washington D.C. Viacom claims that the program is not political, it is simply “A Conversation with President Obama.”

What a load of bullsh*t.

“We’re not giving an hour of free time to the president to freely express his views. We’re hosting a town hall with 250 young people to ask questions of the president,” Viacom spokeswoman Kelly McAndrew. “This is not a campaign appearance. This is a town hall discussion.” Because Viacom says the hour long program is not political, they have no obligation to give equal time to the Republicans.

250 young people that were gathered together through a casting call, advertised on “MTV, BET and CMT are casting the audience for town hall meeting with President Obama. Shooting Oct. 14, 4 p.m. in Washington, D.C. Seeking—Audience Members: males & females, 18+,” the casting call says, “To ensure that the audience represents diverse interests and political views, include your name, phone number, hometown, school attending, your job and what issues, if any, you are interested in or passionate about. Also, provide a recent photo and short description of your political views.”

Why is it that the liberal media will not just admit who they are? Viacom claims that the casting call is to guarantee the audience is diverse, which in Liberal code means “no one that is on the extreme right wing”… which I am sure by Viacom’s standards is anyone who is pro-life or anyone that didn’t vote for Obama. The network also claims that the questions will not be submitted in advance.

Knowing that President Obama, cannot utter a single syllable without the help of a teleprompter, this claim from Viacom is highly suspect. Perhaps the questions will not be submitted in advance, but you can be damn certain that the audience is being told what they can ask, how they are to act, and what not to say.

This is a staged, controlled, produced, and completely political last ditch effort to help the Democratic Party, and the illustrious bringer of hope and change, Obama to salvage what little they have left of their political reputations.

But, as has been shown time and time again King Obama has that unique Midas touch that turns everything to sh*t, so those on the Right, don’t be too worried, and those on the Left you’ll be wishing MTV actually showed music videos.



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