TSA… or should it be T & A?

A few weeks ago on the Drudge Report there was an image of a Muslim TSA Agent wearing a head wrap, frisking an elderly Catholic Nun, before she boarded an airplane with the caption “The terrorist have won.” I described this image to a friend as we lifted weights the other morning in the gym, and he replied “ah that is cute.” I was a bit surprised by his reaction, and asked what he meant. He told me it sounded like a cute cartoon. To which I replied, it wasn’t a cartoon it was a photo, and then it hit home… The terrorists have won.

What is terrorism? It is warfare based in fear. It is attacks on the least expected places, targeted on the innocent, it is pure cowardice, and apparently it is affective. The United States, a country founded on liberty, and freedom is giving in to the tactics of fear. I cannot believe we have let it get this far.

The White House, members of Congress, and agencies like the TSA, have willingly bent over, and allowed the agents of terrorism to take away the very thing that makes this country unique. They have waged a war on the ideals of the United States, and we have willingly succumbed to the threats. There were thousands of voices that claimed we were not liked as a country under the George W. Bush administration, that we need to be more kind, empathic, and understanding to the rest of the world, and because of this we have Obama.

The non-statesman, inexperienced Obama, who bows in awe to the leaders of other countries, Obama who’s policies of “I am ok, you are ok” have done nothing to change the world view of the United States, but make it worse. Under George W. Bush, people may have not liked us, but the still respected us as the sole super power of the world, under Obama, we just another country on the brink.

Hopefully, as the thousands of once proud devotees of hope and change, are waiting line at the airport, waiting to be the next to be groped, man-handled, felt-up, have their underwear inspected, have their “junk” fondled, or to simply have an x-ray photo taken of them, which leaves nothing to the imagination, it will occur to them that this isn’t the hope and change they were promised.

They will think, as they drop their pants in public that they are being asked to give away too much. As their young son or daughter is stripped, and touched by a stranger, in a way that would have any other stranger arrested, they will pause and ask, “Is this still America?” Is this still the land of the free id we must face these indignities, just to go home to visit family and friends?

I am hoping that this Thanksgiving, as we sit around your tables, surrounded by those whom we love, and love us back, we will all take a moment to think about what we are giving up to the terrorists. If one of our children went to school each day, and was terrorized into handing over their lunch money, would we tell them not to fight back, but to simply come home for lunch each day? Or would we take a stand, and teach our child that the best way to deal with a bully is to not give in, but to face them head on and expose them for the cowards that all bullies are at heart.

The acts of terrorism perpetrated by the radical Muslim extremists is an act of weakness and cowardice, and is an attack on the very core of what defines us as Americans, and we should not be willing to set aside our beliefs, or our freedom, or we are admitting defeat.

The Obama Administration should demand that the TSA re-think their tactics and policies and stop the display of abject disrespect for American citizens and the Constitution. If we do not, we are admitting that the terrorist have won.




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