Like this wasn’t a foregone conclusion…

Once again, if Hollywood wrote it you almost wouldn’t believe it, but yes it is true… the Chicago Democratic political machine is alive and steam rolling over the backs of Americans. Obama’s trajectory to the White House was unprecedented, and now Rahm simply moves back to Chicago, where he wasn’t a resident for the previous year, and laws aside he is not in town for more than a few months and he is given the position of Mayor of the City of Chicago. The dead have spoken once again, and the people and the process are swept aside like old campaign sings the day after an election. I guess we get what we deserve, if we are going to simply sit still and let it happen.

I’ve also just talked to President Obama,” Emanuel said in his victory speech, to which the crowd broke out in cheers. “[He] sends you his love and affection for his hometown. – Rahm Emanuel


3 thoughts on “Like this wasn’t a foregone conclusion…

  1. Time for a comment on Obama’s decision not to enforce the DOMA act which has been passed by congress and signed by Clinton.

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