The Story of O

Ms. Dowd,

It is comical how you still blame “W.” and the Republicans for the complete lack of leadership and abject failure of the once “luminescent and inspirational” Barrack Hussein Obama. Maybe next time, since Mr. Obama much like Jimmy Carter will be a one hit wonder,  you and the other elite liberals will cast your vote and use your voice to support someone of actual substance, experience, and character; and not jump on the band wagon of making history by voting for someone based on his or her race.  Obama is an amateur, who has surrounded himself with amateurs… The notion that the substance of the message is less important than the delivery of that message is one of the most telling, and defining remarks to come out of the Obama camp. Although, the fact that the man cannot put together a thought, without reading it off the teleprompter, should have made it clear long ago, that nothing he says comes from the heart… assuming he has one.

Those people who accept the mantle of prophet, always disappoint those who bestowed the mantle upon them.

Tom Brophy

(My response to M. Dowd’s Column – LINK)


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