– 56% of the stimulus went to overseas companies

– 95% of the “shovel ready projects” weren’t shovel ready

– The average cost of job created was $428,000

– GM has lost most of its value and still owes $40 billion to tax payers, stock value has fallen by 38%

– Chrysler is now owned by an Italian company

– Unemployment has nearly doubled

– First time in history credit rating down grade

– 50% increase in debt

– 38% increase in povery rates

– 36% increase in homelessness

– 25% increase in home foreclosures

– Historic record 44 months of 8% or higher unemployment

– 15% more Americans WITHOUT health insurance today than 4 years ago

– 7 out of 9 solar companies that recieved stimulus now BK, 2 took money and moved to China (all gave money to Barry campaign this year)

– Lowest consecutive GDP’s in nearly 30 years


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