It seems hard to believe that eleven years have passed since the United States was attacked, and thousands of lives were lost in an act of senseless terrorism by Islamist extremists. Watching the media outlets cover the story and the replaying of the videos brought me to tears. I think I have seen the devastation and carnage from every angle possible. The one perspective I do not have s that of a victim. I know people that were there, I know people who lost people, I know people who were first responders and risked everything out of duty to their calling. The victims need to be remembered, and the responders need to be thanked.

One person who also needs to be acknowledged and thanked is President George W. Bush. The video of the President as he sat reading to school children, as the news of the terrorist attacks is whispered in his ear is quite telling and revealing about him. He hears the news, and quietly continues with the event, not letting on to any of the children or teachers, or others that the greatest attack on American soil has literally just been perpetrated. He is calm, cool and deadly serious. Exactly what a President should be, exactly what we need again in the White House… the exact opposite of President Obama.

We need to restore America to the pedestal it once sat on. We need to bring back the super-power status that has been diminished, the reputation that has atrophied due to neglect from the administration and legislative branch. We have suffered through the time of “Hope and Change,” the time of “Me,” the time of Obama and the cult of personality.

America is the people. Our strength is the people. Our power is the people… not the person.

So look back to the events we commemorate today; say a prayer, give thanks, call a friend, help a stranger. But also look at where we have gone in the last four years, and ask yourself if the people we lost on 911 2001 deserve better than what we have been given by the empty rhetoric of Obama. Don’t we owe it to them, their memories, but also to ourselves and our future, to restore America to the status it once held?

America cannot afford another Obama administration.



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