There is no “I” in Obama, but there is in president at least the 44th president

Looking forward to November and the Presidential election gives me great feelings of anxiety. In the best case scenario, Mitt Romney wins, and spends his first term fighting the left-wing biased media, who I have no doubt will attack him and everyone of his policies and decisions unlike anything we saw when George W. Bush was President. Prepare for the most hateful, skewed, base, low-rent, biased and despicable coverage you have ever watched, you have ever heard or you have ever read from a mainstream media outlet. I wonder if behind closed doors, the NY Times, NPR, ABC, CBS, and NBC have pondered the economic advantages of a Romney win? Four years of red-ink smears, biased, unfair, and sometimes untrue coverage that their dwindling base thrives on… it would almost have to be a boost to the bottom line.

In addition to battling the media, President Romney will also have to fight the do-nothing, obstructionist Democrats in Congress. Hopefully, in the best case scenario, the power in the Senate will swing to the Republicans and they will remain in control of the House, then perhaps, and here is a novel idea… we will get a budget passed. Something that Obama and the Democratic members of Congress have not done since he began occupying the White House.

It will not be easy to undo what Obama and the Democrats have done, but it will imperative to the survival of America, but I am confident that the right people can succeed. Despite this feeling of confidence in the Romney Ryan ticket, I still get agita at the thought that Obama could win.

It seems almost unbelievable that anyone with a right mind could look at the last four years and say “we need four more,” but they are out there. I know people who still want Obama in the White House solely because he is black. I know people who have convinced themselves that Obama shoulders no responsibility for the poor economy, for record unemployment, for the weakening dollar, for an international community that laughs at America, and mocks us by killing American citizens on the anniversary of 9-11. We have all seen the videos of the people being bought off by Obama, with free phones, welfare, and food stamps. We have all read the stories of unions, public service employees, teachers, autoworkers, being bought off with taxpayer funded bailouts. The Obama money laundering scheme to fund the DNC through mandatory union contributions. And we have all read the scandals and cover up inside Obama’s Department of Justice, where Eric Holder is the attack dog at Obama’s feet, ready to pounce when given the command, and made to heal when internal investigations are called for. It is truly the stuff of fiction to think that Obama has even a remote chance at victory, yet as they say sometimes truth is stranger…

The worst case scenario is truly bleak… four more years of lies, deception, socialist policies, wealth distribution, inflation, unemployment, government over regulation, tax increases that kill economic growth and cripple the American middle-class, under achievement, a welfare state, fraud, etc, etc…

If Obama is elected to a second term, this country is doomed. We are on the precipice, at the edge of the cliff, and an Obama victory will be “nudge,” that send us over. If you pray, pray… if you have any hope left, cross your fingers, and if you want to stop Obama from doing more damage than he has already done… vote! And vote for Romney and Ryan.

History was made; we have a black President, get over it already. His ideology and policies have failed, he is an amateur on all fronts, and he is a failure both domestically and internationally. He is driven by narcissism, ego and pride. He has replaced “we the people” with “I, the anointed one.” He has spent more time working on his short game, and talking to people like David Letterman, and the retreads on the View, than he has in dealing with the “Arab Spring” and the inevitable Middle-East war which will pit Israel against the Muslim world, in a fight for its very life.

It is time for real change, which has America’s best interest at heart.



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