Ladies, and Tiger, and Obama.. Oh My


His First 100

Not surprisingly President Obama looks back through partisan glasses while claiming to be the leader of the non-partisan movement. He seems, much like all of his supporters, including all of the mainstream media to blame the woes of “His first 100” on George W. Bush. That ain’t new.

George W. Bush and the Republican party are going to be the scape-goat for most of the Obama presidency. It won’t last though. Even the “head in the bowl” kool-aid drinks will have to come up for air after a few years. and when they do. No amount of “Change,” rhetoric, empty promises, smiling faces, and lame jokes will change that fact that inflation is sweeping the nation, America is weaker as a world power, the stock market is a hibernating bear, unemployment is at record levels, and our wallets are empty because with out production the only way to pay for His agenda is to take it from the rich.

Very soon we all be considered “Rich” despite the fact that a great many of us will find ourselves in the grips of poverty.

“Poverty is the parent of revolution…” Aristotle.

Where is the “Change”?

Where is the change that the Obama and the Democratic Party keep talking about? As far as I can tell it is business as usual at the DNC. The recent activity is Ohio is so fraudulent and despicable it harkens back to the Kennedy election and the tactics used to elect JFK. Obama hasn’t come far from the methods that made the Democratic Party a power house in his home city of Chicago. Mayor Daley would be proud…

What I cannot understand is that organizations such as Acorn and MoveOn dot Org support these methods, along with thousands of their supporters. It is remarkable how quickly Democratic voters will sell out themselves, engage in questionable if not illegal activities, all because they hate George W. Bush. Here is a bit of news for all the homeless shelter picking voter chicken hawks… George W. Bush isn’t running.

For years I wondered how the Democrats of this country could support the Clinton’s, with all of their scandals, skeletons, and the “dead bodies” left in their wake, but the Obama following has even topped that. The children singing in an orchestrated, produced, video made to look home grown and spontaneous was down right freaky. I couldn’t help think that there was a firing squad off camera waiting for one child to stop singing, or an adult to not cheer in support. It was like some bad party propaganda video from North Korea.

The State of Ohio and the Democratic Secretary of State take the cake. Changing the rules of voter registration, by mandate, without voter consensus or say so as to allow rampant fraud is disgraceful. For years, after the Al “Internet” Gore was forced to realize the “Inconvenient Truth” about the Electoral College system, the Democratic and left-wingers of this country moaned and groaned and decided that the next Dem would get in “by any means necessary.” Ohio illustrates that they are putting this philosophy into practice.

I am not so naïve that I am just realizing that the Washington D.C. machine, which includes both parties, runs on the fuel of power, of which there seems to be no supply shortage or crisis. But this election, the recent ‘bail out and cover our butts’ legislation that the houses of Congress have been chewing on for the last couple weeks, and the President who is eagerly waiting to sign the bill so he has something other than war in his legacy, has made it crystal clear that America, its people, and its principles come second.


A Vaster Right Wing Conspiracy…

I never believed the notion that a “vast right wing conspiracy” to topple the Clinton’s and the Democratic Party existed, but now I do… It is not just talk radio, and Fox News… it has managed to creep in like a virus to my computer.

I was writing an email to a colleague, part of an on going political dialogue that we have been engaged in for years, and in the line of opinion and discourse we were discussing the merits of Barrack Obama.

When my thoughts were completed, I hit the send button, and my email client went through the usual spell checking routine. I have this set to run automatically, as I am one of the worst typists on the planet, if not the worst. I have to look at the keyboard, use two fingers and I still manage to mistype a large number of words.

As the spell check ran it caught the usual errors, “id” instead of “is,” “predisent” instead of “president,” and then it came across something interesting and provocative. Although I had spelled “Obama,” correctly it asked me if I wanted to replace it with “Osama.”

Was this for real? How could “Osama” be a valid word and “Obama” not be? I have the most recent updates, drivers and patches… What could be causing this? I have searched high and low for an answer and have found nothing to explain this… therefore; I can only reach one conclusion. It’s the VRWC virus. It has entered my computer, infiltrated my office and altered all of my programs. I checked every application with spell check routines, and they all came back the same: Obama = Osama.

When will it end? How low will the Right go to tarnish the reputation of the illustrious, chosen one? Why haven’t the “main stream media” picked up on this… could it be technology media bias? They have covered every other minute of “His” campaign, why not this.

Or have the Right wingers managed a subliminal covert operation so ingenious that the ‘Mainstream media” professionals have not even picked up on it. It’s curious to think that when we as citizens enter the voting booths in November, might we look at the screen of the electronic voting machine, or the punch ballot, and in the back of our minds see the red line and the word Osama, hesitate, feel the sweat break on our foreheads and look for the name McCain.