Incest is funny…

Did you hear the one about Barrack Obama sleeping with his daughter? Or the one about Bill Clinton and Chelsea at her 16th birthday party? Of course not, because they are not funny, they are crude and they are way below the standards of even a program like Saturday Night Live… so we thought.

SNL which hasn’t been funny in a long time is still looking to the lowest common denominator to find laughs. Much like Sandra Bernhard, who feels that “Gang Rape” is funny as long as it is inflicted on a conservative, SNL feels that jokes about incest are funny if they are directed at conservatives as well.

I thought that children were off limits when it came to political satire. We never had John Lovitz don a red wig and give us a Chelsea Clinton impression or heard jokes about Bill Clinton committing criminal, un-ethical and offensive acts with his underage daughter Chelsea.

I like a good joke as much as the next guy, and I have been a fan of SNL since the days of Garret Morris, and Chevy Chase, but this is a new low. Has the staff of SNL become so un-funny, un-original and lame that the best they can come up with is an incest joke about Todd Palin and his daughters? Where is the outrage?

It has been well documented that NBC; the home of Keith Obermann, David Gregory, Tom Brokaw, and the Today Show, have been on the left for this entire political season, supporting Barak Obama and bashing the Republican Party, Sen. McCain, Gov. Palin and President Bush at every chance, so we should be surprised that SNL is an NBC programming staple.

However, regardless of who the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” support individually or collectively, or who producer Lorne Michaels supports, I would hope that a major network like NBC would have some standards in the content in their programming. No one, who has a family with children, can think that a joke about a father sexually abusing his daughter can be funny. It just isn’t possible. I don’t care how far left someone leans, incest and rape are crimes perpetrated on innocent and powerless victims.

NBC and the entire staff of SNL should make a public apology to the Palin family, to Barak Obama and his family; as these “jokes” are made in support of his candidacy, to the Republican Party; for the one-sided bias in news coverage, and to the American people who deserve better than this from networks, professional comedians, and television producers.

I also call on Barak Obama to reach out to his constituency, to be the agent of change that he claims to be, and demand that they raise the bar on criticism and political discourse. I also call on Sen. Obama to condemn the SNL remarks and the remarks of Sandra Bernhard. I ask him to stand up to the left elite, despite the consequences and prove that he is the man he claims to be. I ask him to do this for his wife, his daughters and his country.