NPR’s SVP Loses Job Over Williams Firing

By Don Irvine | January 7, 2011

National Public Radio has concluded its investigation of the firing of longtime commentator Juan Williams by saying that the firing was justified but accepted the resignation of senior vice president Ellen Weiss and denied a bonus to its president Vivian Schiller for their handling of the situation. MORE


It’s never Obama’s Fault…

Back in my younger and more naïve days I would argue with my father-in-law about issues of morality, abortion, gays, religion, etc, etc… I was a young twenty something liberal minded moron, who had recently stopped living off my parents, who had picked up the tag for four years of college. It was easy to be a liberal, because I hadn’t really paid taxes yet. I had no children so I didn’t really care about education, I didn’t own a house, so I wasn’t worried about property taxes. It was easy to be a liberal because I had been fairly comfortable and unchallenged intellectually when it came to political and life issues.

I didn’t like George H.W. Bush. I don’t know why I didn’t, I just didn’t. He was old, and old, so I voted for Bill “I didn’t inhale” Clinton. I am ashamed to say I did it twice. What is the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Well shame on me.

I listened to NPR for my news, and occasionally read a newspaper… either the Chicago Tribune or the New York Times. But then something happened. I grew up. But the media hasn’t.

NPR, to me was once a great source of interesting view points, and stories. It was fair because it was NPR. They were public radio, radio of the people, they had no agenda… but I was wrong here as well.

Some how NPR has figured out a way to blame conservatives and Republicans for the failures of Obama.

NPR Blames Conservatives for Obama’s Broken Promises
“According to NPR, it has nothing to do with Obama belting empty campaign slogans. Rather, NPR fired off a litany of conservative bogeymen, from Republicans to moderate Democrats to Sarah Palin’s “death panels” to explain why Obama’s campaign message has failed to materialize.” MORE

When will the doctrine of Obama’s Infallibility be questioned? When will the left and the media see that he is just a horse of a different color, and not the messiah. He ran a campaign built on empty and impossible promises, and sound bites. He said what ever the crowd wanted to hear. He has not kept one of his promises.

He made no bones about Gitmo, and why we had to close it, and assured us that he was just the man to do it. Guess what… Gitmo is still in Cuba, and is still open.

He ran against the war, and on the day he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishments yet to be determined and made, he sent thousands of more troops into harms way, to a war that he claimed he didn’t believe in.

I guess the media centers of this world, NBC, NPR, CNN, ABC, CBS, NY Time, Wash Post, etc… will not change until we the people force them to. Since, like the administration they do not value our opinions, they only value our money, we should let our money speak for us.

Turn off the television, unless you are watching Fox News, and stop your subscriptions to the daily rags. It is only through diminished circulation and reductions in ratings that a network or publication will feel the heat; the heat from advertisers that don’t want to spend their dollars on smaller and smaller audiences.

Much like the Democratic machine of Massachusetts, today’s publications and networks take us for granted. The thought that the Kennedy seat would ever go to anyone but a Democrat was never even considered. The machine broke down and despite a last ditch effort by the chosen one, the seat still went red. Hopefully, the Democrats in Congress will hear the message and confirm and swear in Mr. Brown as the distinguished, Republican, junior Senator from Massachusetts.

We shall see.