Does The Ifill Tower Lean Left?

We all know that the mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc…) leans left and shamelessly denies it. We live in a free country, where freedom of speech is guaranteed, so private companies such as these can have any political slant that they want. My only problem with the networks and their political views is that they will not admit to having them. Whatever… if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck, although it could be Groucho Marx.

However, non-profit media outlets such as NPR and PBS, which are funded by taxpayers and donations, should represent the people that fund them… us. We pay the bills, so these networks should make every effort to be impartial and fair. Alas… they do not.

Tonight Gwen Ifill will moderate the vice-presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Senator D-Maryland Joe Biden, despite an egregious and remarkable conflict of interest that she failed to disclose to the debate commission.

Ifill has an enormous financial interest in the successful election of Barak Obama, as the book she has written: The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, is scheduled to release on Inauguration day. It is a fairly certain bet that the book will not do nearly as well, and thus Ms. Ifill will not make nearly as much money, if the Obama is not at the podium with his right hand in the air and left hand on the Bible on Inauguration Day. The “Age of Obama” will be significantly shorter if he is sent back to the Senate, with his tail between his legs, and Ms. Ifill’s book will be so much landfill.

Ifill has dismissed critics of her, and suggested that she remains impartial as she hasn’t written the chapters on Obama yet. Apparently the publisher is counting on these chapters as they describe the book as follows: Ifill “surveys the American political landscape, shedding new light on the impact of Barack Obama’s stunning presidential campaign and introducing the emerging young African American politicians forging a bold new path to political power.”

Hopefully, Ifill will take the high road and raise above the typical partisanship that members of the news media have displayed for the last 20 years, and will remain impartial and give both Vice Presidential candidates the respect they deserve.

I will be plesently surprised, but I am not holding my breath.



We don’t care too much for Moose strippin…

“Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks.”

– Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings.

What do guns and “moose stripping” have to do with Jews and blacks?  Nothing, unless you are an African American Congressman from Florida and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, then apparently it means everything. Hastings spokesman David Goldenberg said that the Congressman was trying to show “how out of touch Governor Palin is with mainstream America.”

I guess the Congressman feels that example is the best way to make his point.

I don’t think I have ever heard a comment more out of touch with the mainstream than this. I know people who own guns, and people that hunt and dress moose, and as far as I know none of them think ill of blacks or Jews. Yet the distinguished gentleman from Florida has painted them all with the brush of anti-Semitism and racism.

Democratic Congressman Hastings has taken the low road and played the religion and race cards, and the Palin campaign has taken the high road and taken a “pass.” I applaud this reaction from the McCain & Palin camp because this type of rhetoric is below any comment. The double standard is in play here, as any member of the Congressional Black Caucus can cry racism at the drop of a hat, and they are not held accountable; much like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many other “black American leaders”.

I wonder if Congressman Hastings is familiar with the fable of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”? This type of broad and baseless accusations of racism and religious discrimination undermines the real efforts that millions of people put forth every day to fight discrimination on all fronts: gender bias, racial bias, special needs bias, religious bias, etc…

Much like the boy who cried wolf learned; the real cries of those-in-need will fall on deaf ears if this type of baseless hyperbole is accepted by the American people, by the media and by fellow politicians.

I hope that the Obama campaign will distance itself from this type of commentary and speak out against this member of Congress.


Incest is funny…

Did you hear the one about Barrack Obama sleeping with his daughter? Or the one about Bill Clinton and Chelsea at her 16th birthday party? Of course not, because they are not funny, they are crude and they are way below the standards of even a program like Saturday Night Live… so we thought.

SNL which hasn’t been funny in a long time is still looking to the lowest common denominator to find laughs. Much like Sandra Bernhard, who feels that “Gang Rape” is funny as long as it is inflicted on a conservative, SNL feels that jokes about incest are funny if they are directed at conservatives as well.

I thought that children were off limits when it came to political satire. We never had John Lovitz don a red wig and give us a Chelsea Clinton impression or heard jokes about Bill Clinton committing criminal, un-ethical and offensive acts with his underage daughter Chelsea.

I like a good joke as much as the next guy, and I have been a fan of SNL since the days of Garret Morris, and Chevy Chase, but this is a new low. Has the staff of SNL become so un-funny, un-original and lame that the best they can come up with is an incest joke about Todd Palin and his daughters? Where is the outrage?

It has been well documented that NBC; the home of Keith Obermann, David Gregory, Tom Brokaw, and the Today Show, have been on the left for this entire political season, supporting Barak Obama and bashing the Republican Party, Sen. McCain, Gov. Palin and President Bush at every chance, so we should be surprised that SNL is an NBC programming staple.

However, regardless of who the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” support individually or collectively, or who producer Lorne Michaels supports, I would hope that a major network like NBC would have some standards in the content in their programming. No one, who has a family with children, can think that a joke about a father sexually abusing his daughter can be funny. It just isn’t possible. I don’t care how far left someone leans, incest and rape are crimes perpetrated on innocent and powerless victims.

NBC and the entire staff of SNL should make a public apology to the Palin family, to Barak Obama and his family; as these “jokes” are made in support of his candidacy, to the Republican Party; for the one-sided bias in news coverage, and to the American people who deserve better than this from networks, professional comedians, and television producers.

I also call on Barak Obama to reach out to his constituency, to be the agent of change that he claims to be, and demand that they raise the bar on criticism and political discourse. I also call on Sen. Obama to condemn the SNL remarks and the remarks of Sandra Bernhard. I ask him to stand up to the left elite, despite the consequences and prove that he is the man he claims to be. I ask him to do this for his wife, his daughters and his country.


Gang-rape is funny as long as the victim is a conservative.

Another D-lister, Sandra Bernhard uses Governor Sarah Palin to promote her relevance, and get the spot light on her once again. She is “profane,” “combative,” “edgy” and, surprisingly a supporter of “gang rape.”

I don’t know Sandra Berhard personally, but from what I do know of her career, I would have pegged her as a feminist, and a proponent of woman’s causes, such as anti-violence against women, anti-sexual assault against women, and equal rights for women… I guess I was wrong.

She is only supports anti-violence against women who agree with her political view points and are not as she describes; “Uncle Women, like Sarah Palin, who jumps on the s–t and points her fingers at other women. Turncoat b—h! Don’t you f–kin’ reference Old Testament, bitch! You stay with your new Goyish crappy shiksa funky bulls–t! Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you b—h! Because we have left it open for interpre-ta-tion! It is no longer taken literally! You whore in your f–kin’ cheap New Vision cheap-ass plastic glasses and your [sneering voice] hair up. A Tina Fey-Megan Mullally brokedown bulls–t moment.”

What is more astounding than Ms. B’s warning to Governor Palin; “not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers…” is the lack of outrage by women in the media, civil rights activists, and feminists. Barbara Mackay of the DC Examiner describes the show as “positive”. I wonder what would have been written if someone had warned Senator Hillary Clinton to stay out of town less she be “gang raped” by a group of “big-black brothers.” Can you imagine the outrage and disgust that would be expressed by the media elite had the threat been directed at Michelle Obama?

Why isn’t Campbell Brown going one-on-one with Ms. B demanding apologies and answers to these comments, instead of fretting over Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s support of John McCain?

Where is the outrage?

Why is “gang-rape” funny and “positive” when its supposed victim is a conservative?


She can’t bite her tongue anymore…

Well… she didn’t make my top ten list; she was actually number twelve right behind Bea Arthur. Lindsay has “lashed out” and added her two cents to the debate. She has jumped on the Palin bashing publicity bandwagon that is so “in” with the Hollywood “Celebristocracy”.

Lohan says that “she can no longer bite her tongue” or her new wife’s “when it comes to Palin…” or the election. “I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the ‘lipstick on a pig’ comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president…”

There you have it… if Lindsay says he’s the best choice, he’s got my vote. She would know, after all she is twenty-two, she has been in rehab a few times, I think she still make movies, although, I cannot for the life of me remember a single movie she has been in… or maybe she is a singer? Who cares… she is one of the beautiful people that deserve our attention, admiration and loyalty. Not everyone can make the tabloids on a weekly basis. That sort of media coverage takes real talent… or a lot of booze.

Lindsay, we are all happy that you have found love in DJ Samantha Ronson, and we wish you the best, but shut up. You describe Gov. Palin as “a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?” Just because a politician doesn’t agree with your views on homosexuality, doesn’t make them a “Homophobe.” It’s incredibly amusing how the left hates to be labeled as “liberal,” or “elite,” or “unpatriotic,” but they have no problem labeling anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

And who are you to call Gov. Palin “media obsessed”? Are you afraid that you might lose your usual cover spot on the tabloids: “Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal – Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity…”

Here is how I define media obsessed individuals: Individuals who perform and pretend for a living, who rely on the media to promote their very existence, individuals who will stop at nothing to get back in the spotlight when their starshine and luster has dulled.

Does that sound like anyone to you Ms. Lohan.


Strong Words from the “D-list”, or is that “Double-D List”

Once again the Hollywood crowd has made the headlines in this time of national debate and critical decision making. The blonde bomb-shell from Baywatch has weighed with her opinion of and some advice for Governor Palin. Advice, that several million Internet video viewers and a few members of Motley Crew will attest; she is clearly qualified to give… “I can’t stand her,” Pam blurted out. “She can suck it!

Perhaps I am being too tough on the Hollywood A, B, C, and D-listers who have something to say. Unlike Matt Damon, Ms. Anderson does have the credentials to back up her observations… Maybe, we should look west by south west, to tinsel town for our guidance in the critical decisions we as American citizen’s need to make.

Here are the Top 10 people I need to hear from before I will cast my vote this November:
1. Gary Coleman
2. Ian Ziering
3. Pat Harrington (Dwayne Schneider from One Day at a Time)
4. Courtney Love
5. Robert Ito (Sam from Quincy)
6. Mike Connors (Mannix)
7. Demond Wilson (Lamont from Sanford & Son)
8. Richard Kline (Larry from Three is Company)
9. John Stamos
10. Gary Busey

Who are the “celebs” on your Top Ten list?


Matt Damon doesn’t like Sarah Palin… so what.

Why is it that the American media and the American people look to Hollywood for anything other than movies and the latest “sex tape” of the stars? I don’t get it. I have never really acted in anything other than a small budget film, so I may not fully understand what is involved in being a star… maybe it does take great brain power.

Some how, I doubt it.

Why must we suffer the opinions of Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Willis, the Dixie Chicks, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, etc…? Who are these people? They pretend to be other people for a living, and a few of them do it very well. But who are the people behind the plastic surgery, and the bigger than live roles they play. I don’t know, and I really don’t care. When did acting make anyone knowledgeable on politics, or make them experts on foreign relations, or economics?

Sure I like to see Johnny Depp as a drunken pirate, and I really enjoyed Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but I really don’t want to hear their opinions on anything. What do they know about the real world? Much like Al Gore, I bet it irks Matt Damon when the price of heating his home (I am not sure how many he has) goes up. I bet Mr. Damon gets on the phone each August calling home heating oil companies trying to lock-in at the best rate for the up coming winter.

Here is what Mr. Damon had to say about Gov. Sarah Palin in an Associated Press interview: “I think there is a really good chance that Sarah Palin could be president. And I think that’s a really scary thing because I don’t know anything about her. I don’t think in eight weeks I’m going to know anything about her.” (

Those are some deep words Mr. Bourne… I mean Mr. Damon. I guess you are really chummy with the Democratic ticket; drinks with Barack and a ballgame with Joe Biden where you really get to know the men?

I guess it’s not their faults. They have a right to express their opinions. I guess we should blame the media. The so called “mainstream news media” has been parading out stars for years. They got to get their ratings. Who cares what the man on the street says about a candidate; let’s find out what Angelina Jolie has to say. Aren’t we all holding our breath to see who Billy Bob Thorton, Tom Hanks, and Denzel endorse?

Perhaps it’s not the media’s fault either. After all, if we didn’t watch it, they wouldn’t show it. So, I guess the buck stops here. It is our own faults. We eat the crap up, night after night. We buy the magazines to learn about Ellen and Portia’s new china settings, where they are registered, and why they hate George W. Bush. We can’t wait to find out who Alec is dating and why he thinks John McCain has no honor. It is really a sad testament to where we are as a society.

We buy opinions and sound bites from sources that have been given credibility because they can pretend to be other people. We trust the face of a character we liked from a movie; “Jason Bourne is voting Obama… but if he is hiding fr0m the CIA, where is he registered to vote?” Oh yeah… He’s a Democrat , voting registration doesn’t matter to them… unless you’re dead. Then it is essential. I wonder who Walther Matthau is endorsing.

The choices we make this election and every election are important. No matter what your particular affiliation is, we should all strive to make educated decisions and not be driven by the bias of media, the spin of the parties, or the beautiful faces of the great pretenders from Hollywood.