The Man in Charge

No matter how the mainstream media spins it, the recent plague of “Occupy Where ever” protests is a referendum not on Wall Street, or income inequality, or joblessness, it is a referendum on Barrack Hussein Obama, his administration and the “do-nothing” Congress, half of which, the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid and the Democratic party.

Since the call for “Hope and Change” ushered in a new era in history by electing Mr. Obama, the first African (literally) American President, nothing has changed for the better. More people are unemployed, more people are losing their homes, both wars are still going on, America is weaker on all fronts, the economy is tanking despite phony and manipulative control measures by the Obama Administration, and the Federal Reserve; in the name of economic stimulus we have bailed out Union after Union, and seen no stimulus growth; and even the chosen one has admitted that people are worse off than they were when he took office, and it’s still George W. Bush’s fault.

Local Connecticut NPR affiliate had program the other day, I believe it is called “Where We Live,” which discussed the new movement that is afoot, where peaceful people are taking to the streets across the country to demand equality on all fronts, redistribution of wealth, and a call for the great society. The picture painted harkened back to anti-war, and peace marches of the sixties… peace and love man, peace and love. What is not being reported is that most of the “Occupy” sit-ins, sleep-ins, are actually unemployed people looking for something to do, looking for free food, or a place to buy some “good weed.” Of course there are also the Hollywood elite that roll up in their limousines, parked out of camera shot, and join the crowd for a photo-op, or a PSA opportunity, claiming that they are there for the long haul to show their support and bring down the greedy, super-rich. Until their agent calls and they rush of with a first class plane ride to an exotic location, where they too are under paid, just like the rest of the 99%.

The program suggested that this type of movement was something new, and unique, when in fact similar movements have been going on since the original Tea Party back in 1773. More recently, the new Tea Party movements have been going on for the last few years, and they never get the kind of positive press coverage that the “Occupy” movement is getting. No, the mainstream media, and multiple left-wing pundits have described the Tea Party movement as “hateful, racist, extreme, homophobic” and the list goes on and on. The Tea Party movement, though not a political party, despite the media’s attempt to describe them that way, was organic, and has no central leadership, but unlike the “Occupy” movement has a mandate of smaller government, fair taxation and real representation. The “Occupy” movement is just the opposite. The movement is not organic in nature at all but is the creation of left-wing anarchists supported by organizations like AdBusters, and several offshoots of the disgraced and supposedly defunct ACORN organization.

We find ourselves in a strange place. We have a President whose rhetoric implies that he is pro-America, pro-growth, and pro-capitalism, but his actions say the opposite. Everything that Mr. Obama and his administration have done has created this hostile environment, pitting the “haves” against the “don’t have enough’s,” the “poor” against the “rich,” the “producers” against the “consumers,” the “99%” against the “1%.” Is this intentional? Is this part of a new socialist revolution? Or, is this the result of an amateur idealist, who was rocketed to power because of the color of his skin, and given the mantle of power before he was capable wielding, or appreciating this power. Is Barrack Hussein Obama Tyler Durden?

Hopefully, this is not the start of a new socialist revolution; hopefully it is like the election; the masses of malleable minds looking for something to do, looking to be part of history. We shall see. I am betting that once the free food runs out, the port-o-potties begin to overflow, and all the pot is smoked, like a four day rock concert all that will be left is a huge, stinking mess. But hey, there are some shovel ready jobs there, so I guess it won’t be a total loss. I wonder if any self-respecting American will be willing to do them, or will we have to find some hard working “undocumented workers” to do the job.
Obama has created this mess, and don’t bring up George W. Bush. He wasn’t perfect, but things were never this bad when he was the man in charge. Obama has had almost three years to make things even slightly better, and he has failed on all fronts. So, unless Obama is an “evil genius”, which I doubt on both accords, he is simply an epic failure.

So, to the people occupying Atlanta, New York, D.C., Chicago, Toledo, etc… let’s direct our voices to the source of the problems, and don’t be misdirected by the sound bites, slogans, bumper stickers, and tee shirts. Change can begin from the bottom, but it has to be implemented from the top. Look to the man in charge.



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